Thursday, October 11, 2012

New convenient laundry room

Hi all,
I have been MIA since Sept. I do however have good reason because we have been busy remodeling this 1973 house, yep, summer is over so the boat went into storage and now its back to making this house a home.  We have a huge family room and a corner that was useless. So dh decided that since it backed up to a bathroom we could utilize the space and move the laundry room, this pleases me because most my guests use my garage as an entrance , that brought you smack dab into the laundry room (not attractive). So not only do I gain a mudroom, but I get to have my laundry in the hall near all the bedrooms and baths now how smart is that!!   Dh cut out two large holes, boxed it in.  This also looks attractive from the living room side cause it took the bare corner away!  Take a look at the pics- hope you like the idea and it gives some of you with the same dilemma some thoughts of your own.

 the gut out begins (goodbye useless corner)

 the frame of new laundry closet

view of hallway

view of the hallway now!


Here she is all done!!  I love it!!

Thank you for taking the time to take a peek-- way more to come - a new mudroom, all baths and new kitchen!!