Sunday, August 19, 2012

Once upon a marina's dream

This is a short story for all my blogging friends!!

Once upon a time there was this adorable little restaurant right off of Lake St. Clair in Michigan. It sits in a lovely little city named Algonac.  We love to go to it by boat and after lunch we soak in all the sun, little shops and I always take a peek in the boat salvage yard.  Enjoy your pics of some sweet Michigan summer.   
                                    The End

on the boat...u can see the sweetest yards.
 and homes of all sizes.
 Parking for more than just cars
 our rope monkey!
 we are hungry!
 cute decorations!

 flip flops are the best!
 little nautical delights

 lunch on the deck!
 beauty in all things!

 More Michigan beauty!

 Love the old salvage
look a green bottle to make some art with!

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