Tuesday, August 7, 2012

hanging basket from dated to zazzy!

So I decided to show you all how I took my garage sale find from dated to zazzy. this hanging basket was a mere .25 the rust on it was free!  I primered, spay painted a lovely blue and then coated it with a  paint sealer. that's it... total cost .25 and about 20 min of my time! You can turn most any trash to treasure.  I think it will be lovely in the kitchen that we will remodel this March! 


  1. What a perfect touch of color! Yep! Love me some spray paint! Great job girl!

    1. Thank you!! Its a start now to post some pics of this house we bought! ugg!

  2. You done good!! Keep it up! Tip...watch the shadows in your pictures and get in close when you can. You are off to a running start with this blogging thing...keep chugging!