Saturday, August 11, 2012

The first finished bedroom at our house!

So as promised, I will be happy-nervous to show you my canal house we purchased last Oct. I think it would be best if I show you some befores and afters.

This is my son Ryan's room( before)- So this room may bring back memories for any of you ladies that grew up or maybe has a aunt or grandma that still has 1970's decor- the walls where a beige and the carpet was a burnt orange and brown shag it was totally groovy man! NOT - but I did roll up and keep some of it because my hippy bff said they would make great rugs- "that people would fight over". So the roll of old carpet is still sitting in my basement.
I was so impressed with the large closets and the beautiful closet doors- still thought I might update them at this point.

Next came the clean up- ugg the carpet stayed looking fine but the padding- it was rotten literally fell apart into crumbs..

So I had to make my choice on carpet- I really wanted to do hardwood. Unfortunately under the carpet was just plywood :( . My D.H. thought that our fur baby Dragon would tear up hardwood and carpet is always warm on the tootsies in the winter- He won the battle we ended up putting the same carpet in all three  bedrooms and the downstairs basement bedroom that we built  (coming up in a future blog).  I love the color of the new carpet it matches dirt and dragons hair doesn't show up. This is a win win for me!

   We painted his room Sherwin Williams Steady Brown 6110, ordered custom made wooden blinds and hung drapes on either side. Bought his ceiling fan from Home depot.  His bed and night stand where a craigslist find.  As you can see Ryan is a minimalist so I was lucky to get one pic on his wall and that is only because its Yzerman- and Ryan is a hockey player.  We did choose to keep the wood trim and closet doors dark - I originally thought we would paint all the trim white- but I loved the caricature it kept with the original era of the home. I did change the door knobs (I found new ones at hobby lobby)  Well, I wish I would have had nicer pics but this was before I knew I was going to start a blog!! 

Thank you for stopping by- My next post I will add a few more rooms. But for now its good night it is 1:30 AM and I feel the need to lay my head on my pillow!

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