Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tom's Office

So we decided while the three rooms where all in relativity good shape - like Ryans room, we would only have to paint, carpet and put up new lighting and window treatments- this is the before and after of Tom's office-like I said the pictures where before I knew I was starting a blog!

Again let me say "I'm sorry for the crappy pics-but you get the idea- (I hope)  same carpet as Ryan's room. Sherwin Williams HGTV HOME  cascade green RR-08 paint and ceiling fan -home depot, the custom blinds where made in the USA .  The pull out couch was a steal from Meijers and the cute dresser belonged to Tom's Grandpa- my sweet M.I.L. painted it a cream color - Tom needed a place of his own for his trophies- he is a great bowler the big trophy was the winning from the Mid State Masters plus $2,500 check not bad!!  plus a plague from his first 300 game and i also found his first baseball trophies from the early 70's.  also in a future post I will show you the table tom built from the kids broken hockey sticks.  I love it!  

Thanks for stopping in Our master bedrooms is next then you will see the real remodel hell we are living in!!  Have a great week-end.

Dawn--is dreaming!


  1. Just returning the visit:) Thank you for visiting Freedom Fridays at My Turn (for us). And welcome to what I call the 'blogisphere" LOL. I am loving your posts, I see some great makeovers and a witty writer;) I love a sense of humor. Also you spoke of "buttons" at my place:). I have only been blogging since the beginning of the year so I am new at this also. But buttons are a thumbnail of your blog (like a small little billboard) I don't know how to make buttons but a lot of my bloggy friends make their own. My computer skills are just not that good. I paid Katherine at Katherines corner to make mine. She is a sweetie and will make you what you wish. You can place them on the sidebar of your blog by using the html code. The button comes with a html code that you place in the sidebar in the layout section of your dashboard under "add a gadget" using the html code. I am not an expert nor anywhere near it but I will always share the little bit that I have learned:) So just yell out. I will follow you via blogloving (usually I use Linky Followers) but I also like blogloving:)
    Have an amazing day and thanks for visiting at Freedom Fridays.

    1. PS Here's Katherine's blog :

    2. Hi Evelyn - Thank Goodness for teenage kids he got me a button so thanks for your response your blog will be the first button i put on my blog!! HUGS!