Sunday, August 19, 2012

Garage and Barn sale finds

 Hello All, I hope your weekend is going wonderful so far. As for me,  it couldn't get better- I have been doing all the things I love- I started my Friday by picking up my little love, my granddaughter  (20 months) and took her to her first of many garage sales... she is a natural like her grammy!!  I would like to share with you some of my finds today- lets just say I will have a very busy fall ahead of me with projects galore ahead of me!!
 This darling table- can't wait to get some chalk paint on it- I ordered the paint from Fox Hollow Cottage and I cannot wait to paint my heart out!

 Couldn't resist these chandeliers - I think I will remove the guts and put candles in them- paint will transform these beautifully!

 Future blog on taking a ugly garage sale lamp and turning it into a beauty!

 Yep another fun lantern for the patio!
 I also found a old toy box in the barn sale filled with all kinds of mid century toys-- Etsy buyers will be happy!!

 Before I sell this beauty I will clean her up and have my dh take photos of her in a mid century dress I bought her- he is after all, a professional photographer- magerphotography  is the name of his business- he also has a full mat and frame shop in our basement.
 The boys were thrilled with the fishing gear I found- in the back of that old barn!
 Oh, I just love old boxes!
 Haven't decided what I will do with this old wine barrel!
 I have seen many magazines setting out old suitcases, as decorations.
 How lucky I went to my first canning class on Saturday morning.  I was delighted to find this 50's funnel set-- still unused in the box.
 At .10 a piece I think these will be great for a future art project.
 More fun finds... I just seen in Better homes and gardens Kitchens and Baths... the old folding rulers are shaped like a easel to hold a picture.
 a jar of antique fishing lures!
 Cute little blue birds made in Japan.
 little milk cows- made in Japan.
 More mid century finds.
 don't look in her eyes--spooky!

 old Christmas ornament.

 Old jelly jar made in Japan!
 old glasses holder!
 Brass fly ashtray!

Paper mache Jesus made in Mexico                  

Thank you for checking out my fun finds... in the future you will find many fun items for sale in my etsy store-- that is that will be a great day!!

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