Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Master Bedroom

As promised I finally got around to finding the before pics of our bedroom-  this room is the only room in the house so far that shows my love for Vintage style- I think we all have a need to surround ourselves of proof that there were those who came before us.

  • Here she is in her 1973 blue on blue on blue-  guess what I LOVE BLUE-- but not that shade. so out came the old shag carpet and the drapes that were very dry rotted. and the old light fixture too- ( put that in the crawl space- who knows, when a idea might creep in my head) If you peek out the window you can see the patio - that too had to be torn out- but yes, I kept some of the old wood- those ideas will pop up on future blogs.
another feature of this room (pictures will come with the remodel of it) the master bath- full walk in closet with full vanity and a separate room with shower and les toilette in a
                                                                room adjoining that.  very cool for a home built in the 70's.

 so this is our room now ....It is the most beautiful soothing blue-from Sherwin Williams-called Rain- it is in eggshell ( i have also bought Rain in flat- to paint strips at a later date)

I love my headboard it is over 100 years old-  If you ever get to 8 mile in Detroit- go to Freds Unique Furniture- oohhhhh lala!!  this also has a foot board that curves but the sides where not long enough.( they really didn't have queen beds back then)- another future project.

 I would like you to get to know me better so i will describe how I shop and things that make my heart swoon!! 
The side table was a thrift store find for $10  it is in perfect shape- I haven't the heart to paint it- this is my side of the bed my two storage Paris books homes my belts and other small items -the Vase is my very first and only Waterford- given to me by my mil- Karen, the roses inside are from my other mil Lorraine I added the lighted sticks it white and brown - the small statue and candle is in memory of my daddy- 9-23-10. I cannot believe I have not had my daddy boy for almost 2 years  (i tear up just typing that)  the wedding hands are a wedding gift from my sil Linda. the doilie it sits on my mother crochet at least 60  years ago.  Funny the color is back and still one of my favorites. There is also a small blue vase I put my mothers lip stick brushes in it- they are funky green color and you push a button on the bottom and the brush retracks- very very old- at least 70 or so years and still has her lip stick on the brush- I love them she used those daily-
 This is hubbys side table- my father redid this table back in the early 80's for me- it was in his buddy's basement just a wreck but it is a beauty now-and I will never ever part with anything my daddy boy made for me!!  the red clock my daddy brought back for my Grandmother while he was overseas in Germany for WWII . The statue is a lovely piece I rescued from a former house cleaning job she had broke in two but perfectly so I just piece it together no glue required.  I also love my candle holder hanging above- another thrift store find- It was once electric but i removed the guts and wires and voila a sexy vintage looking chandelier. not bad for $7
Not sure if this pic fits the theme of my room- but it is my all time favorite movie and my hubby bought me the full size movie poster and framed it himself as a surprise for me on one of my anniversaries.   I smile every time I look at it!

This dresser has been in my mothers house since her boys where little- my brothers- I haven't the heart to repaint this either I am such a chicken.  anyways - I just put some of my favorite pics on it along with this beautiful porcelain rose- i picked up at the g.w.  and the vintage birds i found at a tag sale.
I wanted you to see a close up of this small frame- one of my little mini projects that just pop up in my mind.
 It is a frame that had our seat number to a wedding we attended- the little things i hot glued around it are all little bubble gum machine toys i got when i was 6 or 7 back in 71-72 - like I said i am very sentimental -
Another gift from daddy boy -he was a diy guy before it was trendy- this was a buffet that had coats of paint on it sitting on my brothers front porch- daddy brought it home -fixed it up and gave it to me! I think my sil was sad but what can i say im daddys little girl!!  i frame lots of old pics -fleur de les  -all over my house- i love em!
This is my wedding gown from 6-26-92. The dress is a mermaid dress size 3 and all the beads that are sewn on it by hand for hours and hours by my mil Lorraine -  I loved that dress so much that I never wanted to pack it away- so believe it or not- I wished for a dress makers mannequin and about 2 weeks later i was driving down a street and there was a yard sale with the dress mannequin sitting there  $5 -- now talk about luck- 20 years later and there she still is 4 houses later!!

my mothers jewelery- one from the 40's the other from their 25th wedding anniversary. I think 1953.  I wear both every now and again to formals.

 This is looking from my bed, The outside statue --tag sale she wears my moms pearls. and my renaissance flower crown-

This is our infrared sauna - i did a separate future post on this and the decorations on top-

I am still looking for the perfect chandelier for our room but I couldn't pass up this $20 craigslist find- i did spray paint the gold- silver. i think it puts out a nice starburst!
another wedding gift from my sil Debbie- it is our wedding invite put onto a pillow- really before its time- considering it was the early 90's I know she had to order it through the mail

sweet g.w. finds- and another of my mom's crochet works 
 P.S.  that is my mom on the box- 1940's

little vignette of my granddaughter ,my princess, Teaghyn Lou!! -( Lou was my fathers name she was born 2 -months after he died- the kids gave her his name as a gift to me) oh man grab the tissues!!! 

                Thanks for stopping in and getting to know me a little better- 
  1.                 Have a wonderful night- please stop back in!


  1. Hi Dawn! Your bedroom is lovely. That headboard is wonderful! And what history you have tucked away in all corners!! Great job!

  2. Thank you Janel- and all this time I thought your name was Nellie-lol I enjoy your blog so much you really inspire me!

  3. The rain is so pretty... and if I EVER fit in a size 3, I'd have that sucker in my living room window like the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story".

  4. lol!! you are too funny!! I actually got to wear it again on my 5th anniversary just to see if i could but now 20th anniversary ummm.. not so much.. I did put the veil on and it fit-- go me! lol